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Having a party for your child or teen at Master Hwang's World Martial Arts Center in Fountain Valley, CA is one of the very best birthday party ideas.

Check out below some of the comments we have heard from our customers.

What I find unique about Hwang’s World Martial Arts Center, though, is the strong community/family that’s formed at the studio. Anyone who gets involved with the studio and supports the students as they work toward their martial arts goals (whether that’s a black belt or a gold medal at a TKD tournament) finds themselves “adopted” into an amazing community made up of Master Hwang, his instructors, his students, their parents, and even the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends of HWMAC students. This community provides a fantastic, healthy support network for the kids from the studio, and what child doesn’t need to be surrounded by good influences nowadays?
At HWMAC, they know how to work hard and respect the TKD traditions while forming lasting friendships and having fun at events (hosted at the studio) like summer camp, movie night, and birthday parties. I highly recommend HWMAC.
– Jhenifer K.

Having been part of Hwang’s WMAC for over 8 years now, we can definitely confirm that this is the premier martial arts studio in North OC. Both of my sons are now black belts & continuing their training. Master Hwang’s teaching style is not just tons of fun, but full of discipline, respect & character development. Many of the other families we have met through the studio have become close friends. Quality martial arts, quality people, quality friendships … All can be found here at this Fountain Valley-based martial arts studio.
– Leilani K.